Name Ina Brandt
  Nationality German
  Place of birth Duisburg, Germany
  Date of birth August 15, 1967
  Languages German, English, French

1989 - 1992
Fremdspracheninstitut der Landeshauptstadt München

1996 - 2002
AKAD - Study by correspondence
Translator for French
Special field: Economy

  Qualifications State-certified translator
Main language: English
Second language: French
Special field: Engineering
Publicly commissioned
Member of the BDÜ
  Experience in translation

1993 - 2000
Technical translator with Patent Attorneys
Dr. Jung et al in Munich
Since October 2000
Freelance translator

  Specialization Engineeering, intellectual property, certified documents, gastronomy
  Projects Translations for patent attorneys (patent specifications, lists of goods and services, contracts, official communications, judgments, statements of claim)
Translations for agencies
Translations for manufacturers (manuals, instructions, brochures, declarations of conformity)
Translations for the gastronomy industry (menus, brochures)
Ina Brandt • Bgm.-Jörg-Str. 3 • 87616 Marktoberdorf/Germany • Telephone: +49-8342-919880